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This is Movestic Liv & Pension

Movestic provides personally adapted long-term savings, insurance policies and occupational pension for individuals and business owners. What is considered personally adapted changes over time. We believe that recurring independent financial advice increases the likelihood of a solid and well-planned financial status, hence we are offering our products and services in combination with advisory, in person by licensed brokers or digitally.

This is important to us

Professional advice based on your needs

To help you navigate among all the different savings products and insurances on the market, we believe professional advice based on your personal circumstances is necessary. This is why our products are only available from registered insurance brokers. We are convinced that professional advice will become even more important in the future.

The right to transfer – a natural choice

We believe our customers should be entitled to change their minds and move their money wherever they want. Anything else would be unreasonable. No other industry would accept that you cannot change your mind and be released from an agreement. Admittedly, the life insurance industry is complex, but we are convinced that it is possible to set up fair rules for how to transfer money out of traditional life companies with collective guarantees.

Long-term risk taking and net growth more important than finding the cheapest option

When you save for your pension, it is important to focus on long-term risk taking and on what you get, rather than simply looking at the fees.
Shares have performed significantly better than traditional management over the last twenty years, despite a number of stock market falls during this period. This suggests that anyone with many years left before retirement should choose a high risk strategy to optimise their chances of collecting a good pension. The choice of investment should also be based on the predicted net growth, i.e. returns minus fees, rather than simply the cheapest alternative. Low fees are important, but the deciding factor should not actually be how much it costs, but what you get for your money.

Our owners

The long-term strategy of our owner, Chesnara, is to acquire and improve life insurance companies. With its financial strength, Chesnara is the perfect owner for us. You will feel extra safe knowing that the entire board of directors is made up of persons with long and deep experience of the insurance industry. These people know how to make your savings grow. Chesnara is a British company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. You can find more information about Chesnara on their website, chesnara.co.uk

Our board of directors

Peter Mason, Chairman

Peter Mason is the Chairman of Movestic and holds the same post in Movestic’s parent company, Chesnara plc. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Homeowners Friendly Society, and the Investment Director and Actuary of the investment management company Neville James Group. Both these companies operate in the United Kingdom.

Ingrid Bojner, Board Member

Ingrid Bojner is vice president and marketing manager at IFL at Stockholm School of Economics. She has a broad market expertise with a background from McKinsey and as Sales Director at TeliaSonera. Ingrid Bojner has a Master of Science in International Business from the Stockholm School of Economics.

John Deane, Board Member

John Deane is the CEO of Movestics parent company, Chesnara Plc , and a Non-Executive Director of Movestic Kapitalförvaltning. He has extensive experience in the financial sector both in Europe , Africa and North America, and has previously worked at Royal London and Old Mutual.

Linnéa Ecorcheville, Board Member

Linnéa Ecorcheville is the CEO at Movestic Livförsäkring AB. She has extensive experience in the insurance industry from Moderna Försäkringar. Linnéa has previously worked as a lawyer at Invik, Gernandt & Danielsson and Linklaters and has a Master of Laws from University of Lund.

David Rimmington, Board Member

David Rimmington is Finance Director at Chesnara Plc. – the parent company of Movestic. David has worked at Chesnara since 2011 and worked previously at the Royal London. David Rimmington has an engineering degree from the University of Salford.

David Brand, Board Member

David Brand is a qualified and experienced actuary and has been the CEO of Hannover Life Reassurance, the British subsidiary of Hannover Re, for nine years. Apart from his position with us, he is also a Non-Executive Director of Movestic’s parent company, Chesnara Plc.

Anders Larsson, Board Member

Anders Larsson is among others Chairman of Svedea Insurance AB and London & European Title Insurance Services Ltd. He has a long and solid experience in the insurance industry, with services as CFO at Skandia and CRO at Hanover Re Group. Anders Larsson holds a Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University.

Our organisation

If you want to get in contact with any​ of the persons below, write name.surname@movestic.se.

Linnéa Ecorcheville


Anna Schöld

Tel: 08-120 39 258, 0704-67 56 80

Hanna Scherp

Chief Actuary
Tel: 08-120 39 393, 073-684 52 30

Sara Lindberg

Head of Life & Health Insurance
Tel: 08-120 392 81, 076-119 38 33

Stefan Klohammar

Investment Director 
Tel: 08-120 39 302, 070-768 01 92

Sofie Tham

HR manager
Tel: 08-120 39 288, 073-6202883

Torbjörn Annerfors

Head of Transformation
Tel: 08-120 39 327, 070-756 44 08

Magnus Wahlund

Tel: +46736 20 28 81

Michael Gunnarsson

Product & Sales
Tel: +46707280042

Financial information

Movestic Livförsäkring AB (MSEK)
  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Assets under management  17 777  21 946  24 322 27 852 32 235
Premium income*  3 228  3 776  3 910 4 051 4 582
Solvency ratio (%) according to Solvency 1  310  376  441 NA NA
Solvency ratio (%) according to Solvency 2 NA NA NA 146 156


The Chesnara group (£m)
  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
European Embedded/Economic Value   376  417  455 603 723
Solvenskvot (%) enligt Solvens 1 194 284  305 NA NA
Solvenskvot (%) enligt Solvens 2 NA NA NA 158 146


Please address the website of Chesnara for futher financial information, chesnara.co.uk.  


*Premium income includes risk and savings premiums 

**Consolidated result before taxes for the Movestic group